SOIN School seminar series kick-off August 19-20 in Minsk, Belarus

During the information-packed two days Ivan Vedenin, creative director of and SOIN's program coordinator for Belarus, introduced the workshop attendees to the basics of social entrepreneurship and innovation. With other experts from Minsk the participants went over key social entrepreneurship case studies globally and in Belarus. They also reviewed the financing models and funding sources available for their own projects.

"Most of these projects are in the field of working with seniors, children, young mothers or people with disabilities", said Ivan Vedenin after the event in Minsk, “an unintended effect of the seminar was that the participants expressed the wish to stay connected and meet in an informal atmosphere with the same group,” he added.

The participants also learned lots about sponsoring, fundraising and crowdfunding. Oxana Bernatskaya from Lesnoj wrote after the event: "now I know how to write different messages to different target groups.”

Another participant, Alexandra Malaeva from Svetlagorsk, complemented the lecturers as the “people who know their business”.


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