The basics of social entrepreneurship and innovation, explained through a series of seminars in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

What is social entrepreneurship? How to get started with social start-ups? What are the funding options? These and many other questions are elucidated over the series of workshops at our partner organizations.

The participants will be introduced to the new ways of thinking about solutions to the common social skills, will get acquainted with the textbook examples of successful social enterprises from around the world and business-models of social start-ups relevant in their own countries.

The seminar registration is open to social entrepreneurs, managers and social activists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine between 20 and 35 years of age. All seminars are in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

After successful seminar completion, 15 best participants may continue in-depth course at Pre-Accelerator and the Fall Entrepreneurship School in Berlin, to immerse in the German experience with social entrepreneurship and continue developing their projects in greater detail.

Registration is available in Russian only